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Our clients are changing the world.

About us 1
Digital Marketing for Non-profits and Progressive Organizations

Digital marketing for politics and non-profits continues to grow as the primary source for grassroots fundraising and list building. Many marketing and communications teams are wasting their time and energy trying to crack the digital code.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let us show you exactly where to put your resources for the highest return on investment. Let us teach you how to optimize your content and the right way to leverage social media in your marketing mix.

Starting getting digital right today.

Digital Audits to Increase Your Efficacy Online

If your non-profit or progressive organization has been running an email program or a website for at least six months, it is time to do an audit of these efforts. Some of what we will find in a website audit include:

  • deep insights about the website audience
  • best acquisition methods and value associated with those leads
  • user behavior on site

Once we take the time to dive into these metrics, we will be able to make smarter decisions about:

  • where to spend our time list building
  • where to invest time in increasing conversion rates
  • where to work to reduce bounces

Our audits have saved organizations tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) by helping them recognize what is working and focus on what really needs more attention.

Booking an audit is easy and a low time commitment for our clients.

Learn more about the process today.

Design Strategy for Communications and Marketing Teams

Due to the volume of content our information economy demands on non-profits and campaigns, leveraging technology has never been more important for communications professionals and marketers. We love to work with organizations who are looking to build equity across multiple verticals by integrating design-centered practices.

Our design strategy consulting practice can help your team:

  • optimize the time of a single staff designer
  • round out creative production with non-design staff
  • formalize a design standard for all digital marketing

Learn more about how to produce better quality and more effective(!) communications and marketing content for your non-profit or progressive organization today.

About Wellmade

Wellmade Design is the creative HQ of Elizabeth Eadie. With over 15 years of marketing and creative experience, Elizabeth is excited to work with your organization to build out creative and digital marketing strategies. From one-on-one consulting to assembling a project-based team of experts, Elizabeth can take you from idea to product or campaign launch.

Marketing & Creative Services

Brand development
Art direction
UI design
Email marketing
Marketing strategy
Digital audits
Digital fundraising

Technology Services

Website development
Ads landing page design
Fundraising product integration
Email automation
Marketing automation


Non-profit Marketing

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We collaborate with people who are doing good in the world.

Let’s build something great together.