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Let’s create memorable digital experiences

About us 1

About us

Wellmade Design is lead by Elizabeth Eadie. We work with your organization to build out the creative and digital marketing strategies you need to help you achieve your goals. We can assemble a team of experts and take you from idea to product or campaign launch. Elizabeth can also consult directly with your in-house team, providing strategic creative leadership.


Brand development
Art direction
UI design
Earned media
Marketing strategy
Product research
Paid campaign concepts


Website development
Ads landing page design
Fundraising product integration
Email automation
Automated marketing

Digital Marketing

We’re not here for buzzwords and marketing speak. We just want to make you look your best. Whether you’re collecting donations or launching the next business-changing piece of software, we want to plug in and elevate the great work you’re already doing.

Product Design

Your digital products should be brand extensions of your mission. In addition to building funnels into your digital products, we can work with you on the user experience itself to drive the metrics most valuable to your goals.

Design Strategy

Due to the volume of content our internet and information economy demands on brands and campaigns, leveraging technology has never been more important for designers. We love to work with brands who are looking to build equity across multiple verticals by integrating design-centered practices.


Digital experience

About us 7

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people; we’d love to build something great together.